Improving Milk Safety and Farmers' Income Using the Village Milk System

The overall project objective is to improve the safety of milk and dairy products. Through establishing model small-scale milk processing units combined with milk collection centres and through introducing low-cost milk preservation system utilising Lactoperoxidase system, rural producers can access to the market with their surplus milk and fresh milk and milk products of proven hygienic quality will be made available at the market. To build up local human capacity for the sustainable replication of the project outcomes, dairy training centre equipped with the demonstration milk processing unit will be also established.

Marketing Development Project

The project objective is the promotion of economic growth in rural areas through strengthening commercialisation of small farms in areas with recognized market potential. The project aims at tapping new market opportunities by providing technology that has a potential to increase production and productivity as well as quality standards so as to increase income, minimize price volatility and promote sustainable use of natural resources.