Our Value Chain

We have an integrated business model that encompasses the entire value chain of the dairy based food and beverages business and includes a range of activities including manufacturing and processing to branding and distributing a wide variety of products. We have well established relationships, developed over several years, with farmers in the proximity of our facilities, and our continuous engagement with them enables us to consistently procure raw milk and at competitive prices.


We enjoy a well established relationship with the farmer fraternity in the region – they are our partners in progress and the most vital link in our supply chain.

Village Collection Centre

Our supply chain network includes procurement from 35 Locations across Patna, through over 400 village level milk collection centres. Milk is collected at the Milk Collection Centers (MCC) located in villages. Number of milk farmers supply milk to these Milk Collection Centres.

Farmer brings milk in variety of containers and cans. At the MCC, a unique identification number is given to each farmer. The operator enters the farmer code number in the Naturals dairy software & takes a sample of milk for quality checking with Milk Analyzer. It analyses parameters like FAT, SNF, added water & Temperature. The values are automatically taken in the Naturals Dairy software and also displayed on the digital display to farmer. Now Farmer pours milk into the Milk Can on weighting Scale. The weight is also displayed on the Digital Display. It is also automatically taken into the Naturals Dairy software. According to the rate chart basis, Naturals software calculates the milk rate & finally a regional language receipt printout with all details is given to the farmer for the payments.

Farmer's Unique Identification Card

Our Chain